Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello! I'm Colleen and this is my first blog! 

I'm 19 and I live in Toronto - and were you complaining? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my
 FREE HEALTH CARE.  And just to tell you, I can't spell even if my life depended on it, and my grammar is kind of ( for the lack of a better word) shitty.
I have a boyfriend so I'm off the single-marketplace.
  • I love lime-green, hot-pink, electric-blue, and highlighter-yellow.
  • My favourite sports would be soccer, football, and hockey (cheyeah, I'm Canadian clearly)
  • I love all kinds of pasta - I hate spicy food- butI love food in general.
  • I've always wanted to go to Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan and Portugal. I've been to the Dominican Republic (twice), Mexico, Panama, Nova Scotia and Quebec and PEI and I think New Brunswick (Canada), Maine  and Florida (USA).

I want to go into the field of Journalism and Broadcasting, so a friend of mine told me it would be a good idea if I started up a blog and write about something. And well, I had no idea what to write about until now. I'm an obsessive reader so I figured I could do reviews on the books I've read! Just to give everyone a fair heads up, I do LOVE vampire novels and fantasy- anything dark and romantic and bloody:). I became obsessed with reading about four years ago when my MOM picked up a book that was part of a quadrant called Song of The Lioness By Temora Pierce. Those books inspired me to keep reading and made me want to know what lies in the next pages. After I put down that series, when it came to a close, I started to pick up other books that I thought would be interesting. Pierce helped me discover the amazing world of reading (sorry guys I couldn't say that in a "cooler" way) and I became obsessed.

So realize, When I post and have time to blog on here, it's either because of:
a) I'm done reading a book
b) I'm not at work

 Throughout my book-reading-author-discovering "journey", I've come across maaaany books and series that I have fallen in LOVE with. And I hope by reading my blog, you could be inspired to read more!

PS: Hell yeah I love the Final Fantasy Series, and I do watch some anime. I'm not so into it as I used to, but  I will go to Anime North every year to appreciate the art and have fun with cosplayers! Oh and I looove Suckerpunch! I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH THE STORY LINE SUCKED, I STILL LOVE IT! DONT HATE

A Need is something you have to use to survive and makes you move on in life. Like water, food, shelter, love, friendship, compassion ect. So why not have the Need to Read?

People always have this nagging need to do something. Weather it's hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, eating, sleeping, texting, IMing, playing a sport, bugging your sibling, or whatever; teens in today's society have so many options and take so many things for granted. Why not take one of those Nagging Needs and make it into the Need Of Reading?